About Us

Family Run and Owned

After visiting Japan in 2018, we were looking out for an opportunity to begin an Asian inspired food business. The pandemic got us thinking about what Bandon was missing in terms of a take-away cuisine option.

The town has many fantastic food establishments which we frequent often ourselves but we wanted to offer something different should people be craving a fresher and healthier option.

This is when the original idea of Sendai and fresh, fast straight to wok cuisine was born.

Finding our Premises!

After a long search and a few promising candidates and duds later, my wife and I came across an old but clean and well cared for food trailer that was in storage for some time but in its heydey, used to cook burgers and chips for the small population on Clare Island, off Mayo's coast in the West of Ireland. Straight away we could tell this trailer had "good bones" so after some discussion, a week later we decided to make the decision and put in an offer. Soon after completing the deal with the lovely family in Roscommon and fresh after obtaining my learner license for towing, my fully licensed mother and I went on a major road trip, completing a round trip of 630 kms in one day, arriving back in Bandon with the trailer in tow and thankfully still in one piece!

Makeover Time!

With the help of friends and family, we were able to do some small upgrades and fixes ourselves over the winter of 2020/21. We then decided an experienced commercial kitchen fitter was needed to perform the major works . After a short search and a few calls, we came across an experienced outfit in North Cork, called Proquip who immediately gave us the impression they would be able to achieve our dreams and plans for the trailer. After gutting the interior, we handed it over and 6 weeks later we had the big reveal. The contrast from before and after could not have been more stark. Sendai now had a high output kitchen, now we needed to add some flare to the exterior.

At this point, Robert from Walsh Printers in Clonakilty came into the picture and well, the picture speaks a thousand words as they say. As you can see, now we had the image to match the inspiration we had for our food business.

Bandon was Calling!

A Bandon native myself, having returned from years away in different locations domestically and abroad just over a year before, I was determined to set down more permanent roots here. My late father was a very successful business owner who was a big inspiration to me. Starting this food venture with my wife and my friends and family around is what's its all about, doing something you find interesting in your life and giving it a damn good go.

Having worked in Hernon's Londis myself in the past, the owner and I have always been on good terms and after reaching out they kindly agreed to let us have a permanent pitch on their forecourt. Hopefully Sendai can have a long and lasting legacy in this town as well and give people another decent food option. After all, life is about experiences and awakening the senses and this is what we endeavor to deliver.